Pixies! I am Back!

As I type this, I sit in my water-ful home, my tiny toes dipped into my little pond.

I hear pixies giggling and playing outside, some familiar pixies peeking their head in my window to say, “Ello!”  It has just finished raining, and Pixie Hollow is bustling with pixies busy with quest, pixies rushing to stores, competitive pixies, with blackberry guts under their eyes, ready for competition, and pixies heading to camp, decked out in talent spirit! ‘Go water-talents!’ I say silently to myself, the words reminding me of the fairy games.

Ello, pixies! I am officially back! I had to recoup from my sickness, but I’m all better now!

Love and Dust!

Echo ❤


Neverbell Echo!

Out of character moment; my account was hacked, so now I go back to using my old account, with my fairy Neverbell. She looks somewhat like the old Echo, and I consider her a cousin. I’m really upset that this happened, but I present to you…Neverbell! :/ 🙂


Hi fairies! I’m so sorry that I have not posted, because I was sick. My chocolate brown skin turned snow white, and my dark brown hair turned a ghostly very pale blue. It is horrible. My throat itches, and it hurts to fly. I fly outside my home everyday, hoping pixie dust will heal me, but it doesn’t. This is not just some fairy flu. Anyone know what’s wrong? 



Big pixie, little pixie!

Hi, pixies! I know this is my third post today but I could not wait another second to share this idea! I know there are a lot of new pixies, like me, and a lot of experienced pixies, like some of you. I also know that we always give advice and codes to each other. So I want to start a project dedicated to that! Big pixie little pixie is where the big pixie picks her or his little pixie, and they exchange gifts, advice, and you get a pixie friend! Once your little pixie feels like they are more experienced, you and your little pixie can become just sisters (or siblings)! If you would like to be a part of this project, comment below! Feel free to re-post this, but please give credit to me:).

I will be a “little” pixie, so I am looking for a “big” pixie.


Snow Talent Fairy?

Maybe you have, but I have not overheard of a snow fairy. Could it possibly be a new talent? If so, would you be willing to start again and create a snow fairy? I want to know what you would do! Comment below with your thoughts!





Hi Pixies! I’m Echo!

Hello Pixies! My name’s Echo, and I can’t wait to start up with this blog! I’ll post things about my pixie life, and other things such as new features in pixie hollow! I would love to get my blog out there, so I’ll put your blog name on here, if you put my blog name on yours! Sound like a deal? Flitterific! My pixie friends call me outgoing, bubbly, enthusiastic, and kind, so I hope you feel the same! I am a water talent, and I would love to learn to swim, even if it means getting my wings wet and having to walk all over pixie hollow the way Clumsies do! I am not a member, which really isn’t so splashtastic, but I am hoping one day I’ll reach that level. I have brown skin, blue eyes, and dark hair.! My favorite color is blue, since it brings out my eyes, but I don’t get to wear blue much, since I’m not a member. I hope you pixies liked my first post, and I hope you are looking forward to the next one.